The British Standards Institute

The British Standards Institute

In November 2021 at the United Nations Climate Change conference (COP26) the UK along with over 140 countries agreed to reach “Net Zero” by 2050.  The British Standards Institute is the organisation best suited (both in terms of technically and relationships wise) to define and agree across the world what the standards for this commitment will be.  

BKO Consulting were tasked with defining this work into a deliverable project to achieve a set of guiding principles and a draft of the professional standards. This was to be used by business to determine “Net Zero” before the next annual world gathering – COP 27 in November 2022. The project is ambitious because of the broad spectrum of technical specialisms and the complex negotiations required across the 140 countries to agree the standards.

This is a relatively new venture for BKO Consulting who will take the lead for the project, building a detailed plan, seeking agreement for a critical path, creating a streamlined Governance process, managing the budget and driving the commercial opportunities for our business. 

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