Projects delivery - Fish Bill

Projects delivery - Fish Bill

Following a deal in the transition period of the Fish Bill and after a successful negotiation of a withdrawal agreement – we were tasked at a time of ambiguity, unrealistic deadlines, and severe penalties to negotiate the strategy. This was for an industry that contributed £1.8b to the UK economy and was the fabric of many coastal communities.

Tasks were:

  1. Prepare an ambitions Fish Bill
  2. ‘Take control of our waters’
  3. Ensure UK businesses were ready to take up the opportunity after decades of no change or progress to retain the billions contributed

BKO Consulting:

  • Mapped out the pathway to deliver primary legislation in the form of the Fish Bill, that would give the UK new powers to protect its waterways, marine structure and fish populations. The Bill provided a way for the UK to create a fairer and more sustainable fisheries that would allow local communities as well as big business to flourish. 
  • Developed the strategy with long standing subject matter experts and the chief negotiators to deliver the European and International agreement for fish quotas. Essentially, every scenario had been accounted for and decisions taken in the heat of the negotiations were supported by robust research and scientific evidence. 
  • Led a department wide business readiness programme to ensure British businesses were prepared to take the opportunities open to them after leaving the EU. Tasked with translating technical and regulatory changes that affected major businesses to sole traders. Rapidly commissioning a stakeholder strategy which consisted of soft and hard process flows, communication materials including a website, call centre and a Twitter account.
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